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President Donald Trump & The On-Going Media Drama That Is American Politics - Where Is It All Going?

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President Donald Trump & The On-Going Media Drama That Is American Politics - Where Is It All Going?

Post by Administrator » Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:54 am

The mainstream media is FULL of predictive programming & fake news that’s being used to condition society to the narrative of the establishment. The shadow government, the luciferian elites, have an agenda and each piece of that is being played out in society due to the programming of the mainstream media. President Donald J. Trump has been referred too on numerous occasions as “unstable”, “unfit”, “a bigot” and basically not presidential material. This channel does not support ANY political party as this video is meant more to expose the rhetoric we’re being fed each day in the media. Is Trump playing a role that makes him seem like he’s “for the people” but will end up getting him assassinated? Does he say the things he says due to a script he’s following, in order for the establishment to have a reason to STAGE an assassination? The intention of this video is not to state absolute fact or proof but more to ask questions & stimulate thought in all of us. With predictive programming a KNOWN tool of the establishment via the media, is something BIG about to happen in America, centred around President Donald Trump? Only time will tell.

Links Used:
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Obama calls Trump unfit as President

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